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The Best Skipjack Tuna Recipe You Should Try!

Skipjack tuna recipe is one of the most popular tuna dishes that you need to try. Skipjack fish is mostly found in tropical or warm water and they are great for meals from simple recipe to the hard one. Skipjack is the most abundant tuna fish with small size and average weight from 4 to 24 pounds; however they can also reach 31 pounds. Skipjack likes to swim around in a large school along with yellowfin tuna and bigeye, they are fast swimmer with characteristic of dark metallic blue top with silver color on the sides.
Skipjack tuna is believed to be the most sustainable compared to other types of tuna due to the reproduction habits. Skipjack tuna fish can live up to 8 to 12 years range, they have various different names including Aku, striped tuna, victor fish, mushmouth, ocean or arctic bonito. Skipjack tuna offers healthy nutrition with low in saturated fats and rich in flavor. It is good to eat skipjack tuna and they are important commercial fish in fishing industry. The best way to cook skipjack tuna recipe is by sauté the fish or simply broil them. Learn how to do those below.

Skipjack tuna recipe delicious meals
1.      How to sauté skip jack tuna recipe
The skipjack tuna will be seasoned first before you place it on small pan with a little oil. You should fillet the skipjack tuna before you sauté it and it is best if you fillet it less than ¾ inches. You have options to sauté the fish plain or coated the fish with some seasoned flour. It is a very simple way to cook skipjack tuna recipe method as well as other types of tuna, but please take a note for the heat. The thicker pieces tend to burn fast before the fish is completely cooked. Take a note that before you place the fish, the oil should be hot and to check it, you can drop of water and when it is sizzle then the oil is hot. But, avoid the oil getting hot till smoked.
-          Fresh skipjack fish fillet
-          Frying pan
-          Salt
-          Pepper
-          Sunflower oil/ corn oil/ peanut oil (optional: you can mix ½ oil with ½ butter for more flavor)
1.      Clean and wash the fish under cold water and then dry it using clean paper towel.
2.      Preheat the pan over moderate heat.
3.      Put 3 tbsp of oil or mixture of oil and butter.
4.      Season the skipjack tuna with salt and pepper before you put the fish on the frying pan. You should do this right before you put the fish in because if you done this early, the salt will draw tuna juices out.
5.      Put the tuna fish in the pan with the skin side down while season the top.
6.      Cook the tuna fish carefully and when you see one side already cooked or turns into golden brown, flip to another side.
7.      Remove the skipjack when it is done and you can serve it.
2.      How to broil the skipjack tuna recipe
Broil tuna fish meaning that you are going to use dry heat method. You can use either skipjack tuna fillet or steak. Oiler and fatty fish works best for broiling and just like skipjack tuna fish. Here’s the instruction that you need to follow when you want to broil the best skipjack tuna recipe.
-          Olive oil/ cooking oil
-          Butter
-          Salt
-          Pepper
1.      Preheat the broiler and the broiler pan with high heat for 10 minutes.
2.      Put olive or cooking oil on the dull side of the aluminum foil and then pat dry with towel.
3.      Coat the fish with oil or butter and place on the aluminum foil; you can also season the fish with salt and pepper or your own seasonings.
4.      Place the fish on the broiler pan. Cook the fish and turn with spatula when one side is done. Baste again with oil or butter.
5.      The fish is done when the meats seem flaked easily with pressure of the fork. For very thin fillets maybe you do not need to flip the side.
That’s several skipjack tuna recipe with simple preparation and method. You can try to do those recipes at home.


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