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How Strong is Skipjack Tuna Taste Compared to Others?

Skipjack tuna taste is stronger than other variety of tuna fish such as yellowfin or tongol and even for Albacore. This is kind of personal decision whether you want to eat and experience the taste of skipjack tuna after hearing that fact. If you like milder taste then you can go with other tuna fishes, but skipjack itself is one of the most common fish that used as canned tuna product meaning that many people searching and eating it. Skipjack fish has the most pronounced taste compared with other tropical fishes and if you like to make tuna recipes with tuna meat as the main ingredient then you can pick tuna skipjack with its bold flavor.
What is the difference between skipjack tuna taste and albacore tuna taste?
Skipjack tuna taste has more penetrates flavor than Albacore tuna which known as white meat/ tuna. Skipjack tuna is a part of light tuna along with Yellowfin and Tongol. When you purchase a canned tuna fish, albacore will be labeled as ‘white’ while skipjack is labeled as ‘light’. As for the taste, albacore tuna is match best for recipes with moderate flavor and as for skipjack, they are best for casseroles, pasta dishes, and tuna salads due to the richer flavor.
There is a health issue regarding albacore and skipjack tuna. It is known that albacore has higher mercury level than skipjack. Most of skipjack that have been caught and distributed globally has smaller size than albacore tuna and thus they are not accumulates methyl mercury as much as white tuna. This is why skipjack is preferred for people who have concern with the mercury inside tuna fish.
Skipjack tuna taste versus yellowfin and tongol
How about skipjack tuna taste comparison with other light tuna fish such as yellowfin and tongol? Well, skipjack generally has stronger flavor than both of the tuna fish. Yellowfin has milder taste than skipjack as well as tongol which has light flavor. They are indeed in the same classification as ‘light tuna’ fish but still they have different tastes in comparison. However, skipjack tuna is often been mixed with yellowfin tuna during harvesting. Skipjack tuna like to make a large school when swimming around the ocean with yellowfin. This is why when you purchase canned skipjack tuna, they are often mixed with yellowfin tuna and even with bigeye tuna which has the same tendency to swim together with skipjack fish.
In conclusion the three types of light tuna fish taste are:
-          Skipjack tuna fish: Its taste is stronger than yellowfin and tongol tuna fish plus the fish has oiler texture than the rest.
-          Yellowfin tuna: This fish known well as ‘Ahi’ with its pale color and milder taste than skipjack, but firmer texture.
-          Tongol tuna: The color range from white to light pink with lighter flavor than skipjack and tender texture.
Those three are the most common light tuna that are exported and imported as canned or pouch tuna products and of course albacore as well. Manufacturers like to package the tuna with many preservation and as for skipjack tuna taste product, there are several canned products available which you can buy at food or grocery stores, such as:
-          Skipjack tuna in oils: They are available in sunflower oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, and soybean oil. It makes the skipjack tuna has oiler texture and it has the best taste that you can imagine. Most people prefer to have tuna in oils due to the tastier taste and to get the best oily texture.
-          Skipjack tuna in water: They are available in spring water and often brine which is salt water. The texture of skipjack tuna packaged in water is drier than the one in oil so people often avoid it, however due to the lower calories and fats; people also like to choose this product instead. Not to mention, such product best to retain omega 3 fatty acids than tuna in oils.
-          Skipjack tuna in organic: This means that the skipjack tuna gets additional ingredients like extra sauces and herbs. The product has more taste and richer flavor so people can eat the tuna straight from the cans. For example, tuna in tomato or mustard sauce.
Skipjack tuna taste can be enjoyed alone straight from the cans or you can cook them into different tuna delicious recipes.


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