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4 Skipjack Tuna Supplier Thailand Guides to Buy

Skipjack tuna supplier Thailand is one of the largest tuna distributors in the market and exported their products to various countries such as US, Europe, and other Asian countries. Skipjack tuna fish is highly migratory species that can be found in all major oceans including Asia waters. Not all skipjack tuna is created equal since the canning process and how the manufacturers or the suppliers handle the fish will change its taste, texture, and even the whole qualities. When you want to purchase skipjack tuna products, maybe you need some guides to get the right tuna product and you can learn it here now.
Skipjack tuna supplier Thailand guides to buy
To find the right skipjack product from your trusted skipjack tuna supplier Thailand, you can follow these guides such as:
1.      What kind of tuna species is in my tins or cans?
It is important to not buy the wrong canned tuna product from your chosen supplier. You should clearly ask them about skipjack tuna fish which known as light tuna. Although yellowfin tuna, the other light meat is often been mixed with skipjack because they are not separated during harvest. Do not buy the wrong product.
2.      How the best skipjack tuna supplier Thailand caught the fish?
You should find out how the suppliers catch their tuna fish to ensure the sustainability fishing method. There are wide variety of method to fishing tuna fish such as pole and line, purse seining using large net and can risk other wild fish other than tuna to be caught, and many more. In fact, the type of tuna fishing method is largely depend on the tuna types as well.
3.      How the suppliers process the tuna products?
Sure there are many ways to process the tuna products and they are depend on the type of the products are going to be sold. The most popular exported products should be canned tuna fish which is easier in terms of distribution and maintaining the quality of the tuna fish rather than fresh or frozen tuna. For canning process, after the tuna fish have been caught, they are frozen immediately at the right temperature and before going to the factory, the fishes are going to be inspected to select the best fish. After that, the suppliers will process the fish by cleaning and cooked the fish then place the meats into aluminum cans or tins. Next process is to sterilize the products using high pressure to prevent spoilage, contamination, and to keep the tuna quality last longer even after years. Skipjack tuna supplier Thailand canned product usually using this process to make their products.
4.      What kind of product forms the tuna suppliers like to offer?
As for the tuna product forms, they are wide variety of products available such as:
-          Frozen whole round tuna: This kind of product usually shipped for the nearest customer’s area so the tuna still in its best condition even after arrived to customers. The tuna fishes are being frozen right after caught with temperature
-          Fresh and frozen gilled and loins: By gilled meaning that the tuna fish is being sold without its head, gut, and gill or without gut and gill while the head still on. While loins meaning that the tuna fish has been cut into loins without bones and skins. Both of the products can be distributed either fresh or in frozen state.
-          Fresh and frozen cuts: The most popular products for this variety are tuna steaks and saku blocks. Species used is not only skipjack, but also yellowfin tuna. The product then being distributed in either fresh or frozen condition.
-          Canned tuna: Canned tuna is the most popular exported product with the tuna fish being cooked and can be sold as boneless and skinless product or even with bones and skins still on. They are presented in oils, water, brine, and sauces by skipjack tuna supplier Thailand.
-          Pouched tuna: Similar with canned tuna product, but the fish in the form of broken chunk is being packaged inside aluminum coated bag with a little amount of brine or oils.
When you want to choose the skipjack tuna supplier Thailand, look for trusted suppliers which have great reputation. You can start your research about it and pick more than one suppliers.


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