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What You Need to Know About Skipjack Tuna Indonesia

Skipjack tuna Indonesia has widely sold in grocery stores or fish market and they tend to be offered as fillet, canned, and steak product. Skipjack is a smaller tuna compared with other tuna fish types and they tend to swim around in warm waters surface particularly in a large school. When catching a skipjack, they often to be mixed with yellowfin and bigeye tuna fish because they often mingled during migration from one place to another. Below is some information that you may need to know about skip jack tuna fish.
Skipjack tuna Indonesia Highlights
Tuna is very popular seafood among the other fish types and they like to be sold as either frozen, fresh, or canned with small amount to be offered as dried and smoked. Tuna can be mixed into other light meals or to be eaten alone with tasty flavor while provide enough nutrition for the body. The fish itself are not classified as endangered because skipjack tuna Indonesia can produce to millions eggs at one time.
Fresh and raw skipjack tuna Indonesia fillet is very delicious to be cooked as sushi. Its dark red meat color showing that the tuna is in the best condition although its color will tend to change into lighter colors when you start to store it. Skipjack tuna which can be found in larger quantities especially in Indian Ocean have smaller body than the ‘Ahi’ tuna. Some manufacturers who sold frozen skipjack tuna fillet will maintain the meat freshness by packing it into a deep frozen box with a very ultra-low temperature of -40° Celsius right after the fish has been caught and out of the waters. This technique usually can keep the meats in good quality condition while avoid preservatives or coloring addition when served to the buyers.
Skipjack is very popular in either as frozen or fresh meat, and even as canned skipjack tuna Indonesia product. With its deep red color and tender texture, skipjack is famous for Japanese sushi and sashimi ingredients as well. Not only in Japan, but Indonesian skipjack tuna fish also distributed outside Asia such as America, Europe, and many more. The increasing popularity among professional gourmets also becomes the factor of why skipjack meat is very popular.
Skipjack Tuna Indonesia factory product as one of the recipe ingredients is worth to be tried! If you like to have one-of-a-kind tasting adventure then you should experience the taste of high quality skipjack tuna meat. The simplest way to use skipjack as culinary delight is by cooking it into a sashimi and they enjoy the taste with Japanese soy sauce. Another way to savor skip jack tuna is by grilled or simply cooked with foil. Anyway, regardless of how you want to cook the meat, skipjack Tuna Indonesia fish will always give you a great and important nutrition for body because a meat of skip jack offers high quality lean protein, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, and calcium. With important nutrient intake like protein and omega 3, it will reduce the risk of heart disease and support body function.
How to choose a high quality of skipjack Tuna Indonesia?
When you want to pick a fresh and high quality skip jack tuna meat then important notes should be considerate such as:
-          For fresh and whole skip jack tuna, it should be stored by burying it into the ice while steak and fillet type of skipjack should be placed on top of ice instead.
-          Check the texture and the appearance of the fresh tuna. High quality raw tuna meats will appear with bright and translucent with dark red color plus texture should be oily and soft.
-          Never purchase a tuna with a strong fishy odor or with brown and dry spots on the body.
-          Avoid skipjack tuna Indonesia factory product with blood spot, bruises, and tears.
-          When purchase frozen tuna fish, choose the one that has been solidly frozen. And if you caught there is film of yellow oil or visible freezer burn on its skin then better to not buy the fish.
More than 95 percents of skipjack tuna Indonesia end up in markets as canned fish product since they are the simplest way to get skipjack tuna meat.


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