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Tuna in Brine vs Tuna in Oils and Springwater

Tuna in brine is a good way to take if starving for protein intake and other mineral contents including vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. Although there are some concerns regarding the methyl mercury contained in tuna fish, however it does not mean you need to avoid eating dishes with tuna or simply consume the tuna meat. What you need to do is to limit eating tuna and not over consume it. Tuna canned fish productions is widely known because not all people can get a tuna with fresh or raw condition, so they prefer to just buy a canned tuna at grocery store and this is what important and what you need to know before buying them: there are many types to preserve tuna meats such as tuna in salt water (brine), tuna in oils (mostly sunflower oils), and tuna in springwater. If you ask which one is better then let’s found out here.
About tuna in brine and which tuna preservation is the best one?
Before we talk about which tuna preservation is the best one, we need to know essential information about canned tuna in brine because that’s our main topic. Tuna preserved in salt water or mostly known as brine is ideal for those who count their calories intake in order to maintain their body shape or those who perform weight lost diet. It serves as rich sources for minerals, vitamins, and lean proteins. Not to mention it is also less in fat. When you purchase a canned tuna in salt water, most of the factories will add a pinch of salt, herbs, and water to remove the original smell plus to give additional flavor. Tuna soaked in brine is ideal for classic or light food recipe like salads with mixed of dried and fresh fruit.
Why canned fish need to be soaked by brine? The usual reason of why fish meat need to be brined before you cook them or eating them is to boost their moisture and flavor. In addition, it will make the tuna fish get a better look and easier to be cooked especially of you grill them. Even if you can buy a raw tuna fish, you need to brine them sometime in order to get enhance the flavor and to remove the patches of white albumin.
Which tuna preservation is the best one? Tuna in brine vs oils vs springwater are different methods to preserve canned tuna. Let’s compare the three of them so you will know which one is the best to be chosen.
First is tuna in oils are the least favorable to be picked due to several reasons. One reason is because omega 3 oils as the good fats in tuna will leech away along with the oils when you drain the canned tuna off, meaning that you end up with less omega 3 fatty acids in your tuna meats. You already lost so much good nutrition when the tuna is canned versus raw and fresh tuna and thus you cannot afford to lose more minerals. Another reason is simply because sunflower oils which often used to preserve tuna only contained with small amount of omega 3 and it is high in omega 6 or known as polyunsaturated fatty acids. In fact, omega 6 is okay as long as it is balanced with omega 3 so in other words oils are not good to be chosen out of the three options.
Next is tuna in springwater, truth to be told that this is the best choice among the three selections, even if you compared it with tuna in brine factory product because just like we already mentioned before, brine is basically salt water so it will add more sodium to the tuna meats. Sodium is not good if you over consume it, however with some rinse, it will minimize the amount of sodium in canned tuna so you can choose tuna soaked in brine instead of springwater because it is less expensive than springwater tuna. The order as follow: tuna in springwater, tuna in brine, and then tuna in oils. Tuna in springwater is indeed the best choice because it can maintain the omega 3 fatty acids without removing it when you drain off the canned tuna.


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