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Homemade Tuna in Jar with Delicious Taste

Tuna in jar is a good choice to make a homemade preserved fish in oil. Preserving method is a must have when you buy a fresh tuna but won’t use it soon. Tuna preserved in jar is between fresh tuna and canned tuna, Italians love to call it ‘conservata’ which is an old tradition to preserve protein using olive oil. The best thing is, you can make your own fish preservation using some ingredients and spend some effort. The benefits for having your own tuna in jar preservation is you can give additional flavor to the oil that you will not find in other regular canned tuna fish products. For example, you can add red pepper, garlic, a big piece of lemon peel, a bay leaf, and any other herbs or seasonings that you like according to your taste.
You can also preserve the tuna in water, although the texture and the flavor not as strong as tuna preserve in oil however it is a healthier option that you can try. By the right preserving method, you can store the tuna in refrigerator and they can stay in a good condition longer or about 2 weeks. Making tuna in oil is so effortless and thus it will work well for small batch. Important notes before you try to preserving a tuna is the type of the tuna will affect the flavor as well. However, if you find it hard to get a fresh tuna, you can always use frozen tuna and then defrosted it overnight. The flavor will still result in a great taste and the best part is the fatty belly if you can find one.
How to make tuna in jar preservation using oil?
The main points start here, follow the instruction bellow to start preserve the tuna fish and make your own tuna in jar with oil:
1.      Buy and prepare a fair amount of fresh tuna or if you can’t get them, just buy frozen tuna which available every year at fish market or grocery stores.
2.      If you purchase a fresh tuna, ask to cut the tuna in rounds or as long as the tuna meats fit with large pan.
3.      Next, place a lot of bay leaves on the bottom of the large pan. Lay the tuna meats on top of the bay leaves and cover with waters.
4.      You should measure the amount of the water needed because it will affect the amount of the salt which added later. For recommendation, use about 85 to 95 grams of salt per liter water. However, you can also make your own measurement because saltiness is personal taste.
5.      Cover the fish with other bay leaves and bring the fish to boil for 20 to 30 minutes or depend on the thickness of the meat.
6.      Put down the heat and let the meats cooling down. Remove the fish from the pan and drain the meats.
7.      Get rid the skin plus the bones in case you boil the tuna fish as whole.
8.      Prepare the homemade canned tuna in jar by clean and sterilize the glass jars. To prepare it, boil the jars as well as the lids or cover in water for 30 minutes. And drain them with clean towel by place the jars upside down on top of it, but do not drain them in any way.
9.      Cut the fish to fit the tuna jars, you can place the fish on cutting board and then cut them into rectangular pieces. Make sure that the size of the pieces fit the jars tightly so you do not need to use too much olive oil.
10.  Place the fish into the jars and once they are accommodated just fill the jars with olive oil. Some people may use sunflower oil but the taste will be different.
11.  Cover the jars tightly and sterilize them again by boiling them in water for 30 minutes. You can use the previous water for some recycling. Keep the water level right below the lids. For easier method, you can sterilize the simple tuna in jar using pressure cooker in high temperature.
12.  After you are done, remove the jars and store them in the fridge for anytime use.
Follow those steps above to make your own delicious tuna in jar preservation with oil.


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