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Reason to Have Canned Tuna in Oil 3000g Product

Tuna in oil 3000g has a nice taste and plenty of nutrition, although there are other canned tuna fish preservation such as tuna in water and brine, but most of people still prefer tuna in oil due to the tastier taste and the oiler texture. Many brands are available with different sizes including tuna 3000 grams which offer more nutrition and servings. Canned tuna is a good and cheapest way to get high quality lean protein. They also bring omega 3 fatty acids oil which is great to improve cardiovascular health. There are vitamins like vitamin D and B vitamins as well as other nutrients for body intake. Even though, you need to take a note for the concern of mercury level over the tuna fish.

Tuna in oil 3000g vs tuna in water
Which one is better, canned tuna in oil 3000g or tuna in water? Maybe this question sounds familiar for you since many people have been asked which one is better than the other. Actually, it is a matter of personal preference; however you can considerate which one to be picked by looking at the taste plus the nutrition level.
Originally, tuna is always packed in oil and not water, but since there are some concern about the health and the wellness then canned tuna in water finally introduced. One of the biggest disadvantages about canned tuna preserve in oil is the level of the calories per can, whether you choose to have tuna in olive oil 3000g or tuna in sunflower oil. Most of the tuna fish packaged in oil have double or triple number of calories than tuna in water. If you do not have any concern about this matter, sure you can enjoy tuna in oil that brings more calories, however some people in weight loss diet tend to have tuna in water.
Another thing that needs to be considered is that the oil used to preserve the tuna fish tends to bond or mixed with natural fats of the fish which is omega 3 fatty acids. Before you use or cooking the tuna, most of people will drain the oil off but it also means the natural fats of tuna are leach away with the oil as well. We eat tuna fish to get omega 3 intake for our body so if you found this a problem to have lower number of omega 3 content then you better pick tuna in water.
How tuna in oil 3000g is so popular and good?
Despite those advantages about tuna in oil 3000g products, however many people still choose tuna in oil over tuna in water like salt water/ brine or springwater. It is about personal taste, many people like the texture of the tuna in oil than the rest because it has softer and oiler texture while tuna in water can a bit dry especially when the water is drained away from the can. Canned tuna in olive oil for example is more preferable because it has more flavors straight out of the can than the water packed tuna fish. Tuna in soybean oil is another type which you can also try. In addition, when people want to mix the tuna with other ingredients or cook the tuna as tuna salad or sandwiches, tuna in oil is more preferred. Some recipes which need additional flavor of tuna also better with tuna in oil.
In conclusion, tuna in oil 3000g can become your best choice due to the reason above. Some people find tuna in oil offensively strong and oppositely some people found tuna in water is tasteless. However, if you tend to be more health conscious then you may want to choose tuna in water. If the tuna in water taste more bland then you can drained off the water first, after that you can add some seasonings with mustard or mayonnaise and other herbs. Or you can mix both tuna in oil and tuna in water for your salad recipe.
Still the best thing is to find a good fresh tuna fish than tuna in oil 3000g. But for cost friendly sea food and canned fish that comes handy then tuna in oil factory product is always being number one.


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