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Calories inside Tuna in Sunflower oil and Other Nutrition

Tuna in sunflower oil is one of the products made by tuna factory aside tuna in brine and tune in springwater. Manufacturer often pack the canned tuna along with either water or sunflower oil due to many reasons with one of them to maintain the moist and to remove the original fish smell. As for sunflower oil, it is indeed will add more fat plus calories into the tuna meat but it also offers several health benefits including healthy unsaturated fats and Omega-3 fatty acids. The benefits for adding two of the contents are the unsaturated fats helps to lower the cholesterol level inside your body and thus will help to reduce the risk of heart disease according to Mayo Clinic.
The amount of calories exist inside tuna in sunflower oil
Before we are talking about the nutrition inside the canned tuna in sunflower oil, perhaps you want to know for the first how many calories exist in those canned fish product. Usually, there are 160 calories inside 2.6 ounces of tuna fish meat that packaged in a canned full of sunflower oil. Fat Secret mentioned that the amount of calories including 90 calories from fat.
As for the list of other nutrition, it is widely known that a tuna fish contains various minerals like protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, sodium, and many more. More detailed information as follow:
-          10 gram of fat
-          18 gram of protein
-          6 gram of polyunsaturated fat
-          1 gram of saturated fat
-          2.5 gram of monounsaturated fat
-          200 milligram of potassium
-          35 milligram of cholesterol
-          0.5 gram of dietary fiber
-          290 milligram of sodium
-          1 gram of carbohydrates
Those notes are taken from Fat Secret data for the same 2.6 ounces of tuna in sunflower oilcanned product.
Is tuna in sunflower oil good for your body?
Compared with tuna in brine or springwater, tuna soaked in sunflower oil is not recommended although it is permitted to consume it. If you have another choose, it is better to pick tuna in water/ springwater or the briney one instead of sunflower oil. Another solution is if you prefer the tuna preserved in oils then choose vegetable oil than sunflower one because it is healthier.
Tuna in water keep the natural omega 3 fatty acids after you drained off the canned fish because the water itself did not mix with original tuna oils that contain omega 3 so it will not leech way the tuna oils. Although tuna in brine is good to preserve tuna fish meat in can packaging as well, but the addition of salt water will increase the sodium content and it will be a serious matter for your body if you consume too much sodium. Not to mention we already get sodium intake from other meals that we eat without consume canned tuna.
The least favorite out of the three should be sunflower oil because the reason above. When you drained off the canned sunflower oil tuna, it will also waste away the fats and oils containing omega 3 fatty acids make your tuna less in amount of omega 3 than before. Several other reasons of why sunflower oil is bad for your body because it contains unbalanced omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids are Polyunsaturated fats which is good for your body unless the ratio is equal with the amount of omega 3. Have a high omega 6 with less omega 3 is bad because it can increase the risk of certain dangerous disease including asthma, cancer, arthritis, and heart disease. Since the omega 3 oils are reduced when you drained off the canned fish tuna in oil, meaning the tuna meat have less amount of omega 3 and that’s not good. That’s why when you eat meals contain a lot of sunflower oil which offer omega 6; make sure that you balance it with enough omega 3 fatty acids.
Another thing to take a note is you need to limit the amount of tuna consumption per week while for pregnant women or those who want to get pregnant, need to avoid canned tuna fish for awhile because canned tuna in sunflower oil contains methyl mercury which can give a bad side for the baby and of course body health.


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