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Tuna Canned Halal Products Information

Tuna canned halal is a popular seafood across many countries which manufactured and distributed by packing a tuna meat into a persevered can with oils, brine, or water. The tuna is processing using high quality technology and machine plus quality control to make sure that the products of canned tuna meet qualification to be exported to other countries as well. The questions that arise among people about tuna are vary but mostly they like to ask whether eating tuna meat especially canned one is good for health or not and thus we like to explain more about it in today’s article. 

Are Tuna Canned Halal Products good for health?
First thing first, before you buy a canned tuna, you need to make sure that there is ‘Halal’ label on the packaging; it is important requirement especially at Asian groceries stores like Indonesia because it ensures that the products are not processed with pork ingredient or substances. Tuna itself is of course a halal seafood which okay to be consumed, however some of manufacturers like to use additional herbs and flavors in order to remove the fishy smell or make the flavor stronger. You can even find a tuna canned halal Indonesia with a bit spicy taste or with additional tomato sauce.
Some of the canned tuna also like to be preserved in oils while others using brine (salt water) and rarely using springwater. It is up to you whether you want to pick tuna in oils or tuna in brine or choosing tuna in springwater instead. But please make sure that when you pick a canned tuna in grocery stores, always check the expired date and examine whether there is leak in the can or the cover. This is to ensure the best quality canned tuna you can get from markets.
Tuna fish meat rich in lean protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, and minerals makes the fish popular among dietary or bodybuilders. However, some research also showed that tuna contains mercury substance that will give an ugly effect for the body if you excess consume it. For most people, the mercury inside this tuna is not a concern but for certain people, it may pose an issue like pregnant women (or those who want to get pregnant), children, and infant or babies. The mercury content can pose as a threat because it has the risk to be toxic if consumed by those mentioned group of people, as an example: it can affect nervous system particularly in young or developing children. In addition, mercury can pass from the mother to the unborn baby as well so it is very dangerous. Meanwhile, if you are in state of nursing your baby, it is better to stop consumes tuna canned halal or limit the consumption for the safety of your child.
So, how much tuna that I can consume for safety reason?
For pregnant or nursing women, planning to become pregnant, young children, and baby then these group need to totally avoid or at least give some limitation when eating tuna canned fish product due to the reason above. Moreover, there are four types of fish that need to be completely avoided because they bring high mercury content: tilefish, shark, king mackerel, and swordfish.
Indeed that tuna fish is not on the list, however you need to limit eat the meats up to 12 ounces or 2 servings. This amount of limitation is valid for canned light tuna, salmon, shrimp, catfish, and Pollock. Please take some note that tuna canned fish has lower mercury level compared with fresh and frozen tuna meats. Smaller fish which offer small quantity of mercury often be caught then packaged into a canned fish product while larger size of tuna which provide higher mercury level often be used as tuna steaks.
Last but not least, it is better if you pick light tuna canned halal instead of white tuna because it has less mercury content. White tuna is known as Albacore tuna and it is recommended that you only can eat such tuna one serving per week or six ounces for safety and health reason. Hope this particular information help for you before you decided to consume or buying tuna canned halal at stores.


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