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Skipjack Tuna Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

Skipjack tuna mercury level might less than the Albacore or referred as white tuna. But it does not mean you can consume it as much as you want since you still need to keep moderate amount of skipjack tuna to stay away from symptoms of mercury poisoning. Excess consumption of tuna meats either fresh or canned can be the cause of fatal illness. Large fish including tuna, shark, and swordfish carry higher mercury content than smaller fish due to their predatory nature. Mercury poisoning not only perform physical symptoms because it can also cause severe and lasting neurological and psychological symptoms. And now we need to learn what those symptoms are.

Skipjack tuna mercury poisoning symptoms
·         Psychical symptoms
The psychical symptoms of mercury poisoning can be very devastating since it can disturb biological processes including DNA synthesis and immune system. There are several signs that you can learn when someone suffer from methyl mercury poisoning such as hair loss, blue line on the tooth and gums, and peeling and red rash on the feet and hands. Other symptoms that can be seen on individuals including chest pain, paralysis, pulmonary edema, coughing, and cardiovascular effects like tachycardia and hypertension.
·         Gastrointestinal symptoms
When you eating canned or fresh tuna meat, all the nutrients including skipjack tuna mercury content should pass gastrointestinal system, of course over excess mercury level can cause gastrointestinal symptoms as well. Although they may appear after weeks or days, but this substance can causes unpleasant stomach and intestinal symptoms followed by vomiting or nausea feeling as the most common symptoms. Other possible effects of mercury poisoning in gastrointestinal system include diarrhea, cramping, metallic taste in mouth, and intestinal bleeding.
·         Psychological symptoms
Skipjack tuna mercury poisoning not only can cause visible symptoms of human psychical. Since the mercury content give a direct impact on the brain, psychological symptoms can happen in those who suffer mercury poisoning. One fact that you may not know yet is that in 19th century, several people who worked as hat makers exposed to mercury when they produced some felt hats caused the term of “mad as a hatter” to be popular meaning that they maybe suffer from psychological damage due to the poisoning. Mercury poisoning can give significant changes in behavior and human personality such as unprovoked mood swings, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and increased timidity or shyness, according to website. The severity level of those symptoms may depend on the extent of mercury poisoning as well as the other factors.
·         Neurological symptoms
It is hard to find out that in fact mercury content can work as a toxin to neurological system which can cause several side effects on human brain such as tremor, loss of vision, slurred speech, pins-and-needles sensations, and loss of coordination, according to the According to the Environmental Protection Agency notes. For particular group like young children and infant, these symptoms are more severe. That’s why pregnant or nursing women are asked to avoid consumption of the tuna fish because baby and infant who are exposed to mercury are often suffering more severe symptoms. The infant in mother’s womb or baby can be contaminated by tuna mercury and exhibit significant decrease in fine cognition skills, motor skills, visual spatial skills, and language development. All these symptoms can occur because the skipjack tuna mercury fish content affected brain development.
Is there any solution or at least prevention for those conditions?
Prevention is always been better than medication. Although we understand that you love eating tuna fish meat and also in order to get nutrition intake. However, a moderate consumption is needed to be taken when eating tuna fish (canned or not). That’s why always monitor your consumption of tuna and other larger fishes for the best prevention way that you can manage. In addition, children like babies or even infant and pregnant or nursing women should limit their tuna intake. It is better to avoid Albacore tuna or white tuna which have higher mercury content than lighter tuna such as skipjack and yellowfin. Moreover, other fish like King Mackerel, Shark, and Swordfish should totally be avoided in all cost. Meanwhile, standard treatment for skipjack tuna mercury poisoning is chelation therapy with a goal to pull out the mercury from your body.


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