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Skipjack Tuna Whole Round Product with High Quality

Skipjack tuna whole round is a good product especially when you want to process the tuna further. Tuna is high in demand, and consider as a valuable trading goods all over the world. That is why skipjack tuna fishing has grown into an industry which is quite large in size since they have to fulfill demands from all over the world. In several countries, this industry has become one of the largest income makers for the countries, especially on developing countries in Asian region. Even though the skipjack tuna is caught in one country, it will travel all the way to the other half of the world to be processed further.

High Quality Skipjack Tuna Whole Round Product
The whole round skipjack tuna itself is actually skipjack tuna product which presented in the same condition when the skipjack tuna is first caught. The only thing that is done to the tuna is the bleeding process since it is a must procedure to do after the tuna is caught. The bleeding process usually done on the ship right after the skipjack tuna is caught since it should be done as soon as possible.
Actually skipjack tuna body has higher temperature than the water temperature, and when it struggle while being caught the temperature will rise even more. This will make the meat gets spoiled easier and faster, thus it is important to cool down the skipjack tuna body. That is why bleeding procedure is done to cool down the skipjack tuna body temperature so it would not get spoiled easier and faster. When the skipjack tuna is already bleed, the quality of the meat will increase 100 percent. This is why the fishermen will bleed the skipjack tuna whole round that they caught in the ship.
Bleeding process on the skipjack tuna will also keep the fresh color on the meat, which is why the meat will still appear fresh after it arrived in the shore. The fishermen will make cuts in the artery of the fish to allow the blood to come out from the skipjack tuna bloodline. The process itself will only takes five minutes to do, thus it is a very easy procedure that the fishermen done to the skipjack tuna fish. After this bleeding procedure is done, the skipjack tuna whole round fish will be chilled to keep the meat stays fresh in zero degree Celsius temperature. And this product is what called as whole round skipjack tuna since the whole fish is still intact in this product.
Actually skipjack tuna whole round is considered as a raw material product which will then used to make other skipjack tuna product. After the skipjack tuna fish arrived in the shore and sold to the skipjack tuna factory, it will then be frozen in lower temperature of -18 degree Celsius to ensure the quality of the fish will still be fresh. And since the skipjack tuna will be used as raw material for other product, it does not need to be frozen in higher temperature so it will be easier to process later on.
However if the skipjack tuna whole round is going to be taken to restaurant to be used in their business, then it will need to be frozen in higher temperature. The skipjack tuna will be frozen with ultra lowest temperature in between – 40 degree Celsius temperature to – 60 degree Celsius temperature to ensure the quality of the fish will still be fresh while being taken to the restaurant which may need some time to do. Furthermore skipjack tuna meat which is frozen in this low temperature will also remove unwanted bacteria which able to spoil the tuna meat.
On the factories, the whole round skipjack tuna will be process further to create many kinds of tuna product such as canned tuna, skipjack tuna loin, skipjack tuna saku, skipjack tuna block, skipjack tuna steak, skipjack tuna cube, ground skipjack tuna, and many other. Of course the whole round skipjack tuna will need to be cut and process further until those products are created.
Some factories might also gut, gill, and remove the head from the whole round skipjack tuna before being sold as one of their product. Thus you should choose which skipjack tuna whole round product that you need.


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