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Skip Jack Tuna Characteristic and Nutrition Facts

Skip Jack tuna can be found in the ocean all around the world and they habitat is in warm waters. This one type of tuna is famous to be caught and then produced as canned fish that you like to purchase at grocery stores. Tuna itself has a lot of nutrition to offer when you consume them making it a good recommendation for dietary menu. Not all people can get fresh and raw tuna easily and thus canned skipjack tuna fish is always become the first choice to buy due to the availability in most fish stores.
About Skip Jack Tuna Characteristic
Skip jack is commonly used as canned fish product and it is particularly sold as the light tuna type or chunk light tuna on label. This fish can be offered with frozen condition or in fresh state. Skipjack in the ocean like to swim around as a predator finding its food in a large group on the surface. Skipjack can grow more up to 3 feet and they live in open water. To catch skipjack group, you need to be patient and when you have the right bait, they will be easily to be caught. For suggestion, you need to have heaviest tackle so when they bite your bait, you will get them quickly especially if you want to catch them as a live bait.
There are skip jack tuna canned product made by fish factories and some notes mentioned that this kind of fish is good to be consumed thanks to its oily texture. Meanwhile some fisherman or those who like to fishing, often use skipjack as a great bait to catch other fish. Skipjack itself is very challenging to be lured and caught make them into an interesting challenge as fishing sport.
Eating skipjack is one of the great experiences you can get because they taste like no other tropical tunas. They taste are prominence and if you can get a fresh or raw plus high quality skipjack tuna then their meat will appear deep red which so tasty while smaller size of skipjack tuna can appear with lighter red color. When you cook skipjack tuna meat, the color will change into a light gray. In addition, when you purchase canned skip jack tuna product, they may mixed with some yellowfin tuna fish because the species are not separated when they collected the fish at waters. However, some of the sushi restaurants or markets prefer skipjack tuna fish over the other tunas because the tastes are comparable with yellowfin tuna when grilled or even fried.
Nutrition facts of skip jack tuna fish
It is true that every fish has their own nutrition fact and as for the skipjack, they have a lot of proteins to be offered for your body. Below are some notes about nutrition facts of 100 gram serving size of skip jack tuna meat:
-          22 grams protein
-          103 calories
-          1 gram total fat
-          37 milligrams sodium
-          0 gram carbohydrate
-          47 milligrams cholesterol
Eating tuna fish should be limited according to your age, since children and pregnant women are more sensitive, they need to eat less amount of tuna meat.   
Why skip jack tuna is very important for fish industry?
It is because skipjack tuna meat is commercially important to be marketed as canned fish product. Most of tuna fish provides good and high quality seafood for people, many of them have been caught to be consumed either raw or frozen or canned. There is some issue regarding overfishing of skipjack tuna which affect the tuna population become more and more smaller than before. That’s why some organizations have a goal to maintain the population of skipjack tuna as well as other tuna types such as yellowfin and bigeyes tuna which face similar issue regarding its rarity. Moreover, the organizations also help to ensure that tuna are caught and managed well; they work to increase consumer’s awareness about sustainably caught tuna. Skip jack tuna is not exist only as a human food, but they have important role as one of the top predators in the sea and thus they can maintain the balance in the ocean environment. This reason alone needs to be considered why we should be aware about skip jack tuna overfishing problem.


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