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List of Tuna Processing Machine Used in the Production Line

You might often see canned tuna every time you go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. However, you might never see the tuna processing machine that being used to create the canned tuna that you have in the grocery stores. These machines are the one that able to make the tuna meat become more convenient to consume even when they actually come from very far places in the other side of the world. Since tuna itself is very versatile, its popularity and demand continue to increase every year. That is why a lot of producers are willing to invest in those pricy machines to supply canned tuna into the market.
6 Main Tuna processing machine List
Inside the tuna production lines, there are many kinds of tuna processing machine. Those processing machines have different function and specification since the tuna need to go through different process to be made into canned tuna. Each canned tuna factory might also have different kinds of machines since they have their own way in processing the tuna before being made into canned tuna. However most of the machines used by those different factories are similar since they also have similar function. Here are some of the machines that being used by those tuna factories in the making of canned tuna:
1.      Tuna shaker and aligner
This machine is used to shake the tuna so it will be align one another. After being align, the tunas will be able to be put into the elevator which will bring it into other machine. The machine is the first processing machine which being used in the tuna production line.
2.      Tuna sizer
This machine is the second processing machine being used in the production line. The function of this machine is to separate the tunas which delivered by the elevator into desired size since not all tuna have similar size. Once being set up, only specific size tuna will be able to be fit into the machine thus separate the other tuna size that does not have desired size.
3.      Tuna pre cooker
This machine is the third tuna processing machine being used in the production line. Clean tuna loins which already going through cleaning process is put inside this machine on a wheeled rack to be cooked. This machine will then cook the tuna loins using steam under vacuum pressure condition. Afterwards the cooked tuna will be cool down still under vacuum pressure condition before being delivered to the next machine. Usually this type of machine can fit around six to nine tons of tuna, depends on the tuna’s sizing, weight, cutting, and varieties.
4.      Tuna filler machine
This next tuna processing machine function is to fill the pre cooked tuna into the open can according to specific weight. The factory will set each of their tuna filler machine according to the can capacity. This is why different machine might put different tuna inside the can according to the set. By using this machine the filling process will be done automatically in high speed thus the quality of the tuna can be preserved.
5.      Tuna oil/brine machine
This next machine is function to add oil and brine into the canned tuna without damaging the can. It is able to vacuum the can so all of the air inside the can will be take out and replace with oil or brine. It has some type of censors which will determined the amount of oil or brine put inside the can according to the preset headspace which already being set beforehand.
6.      Tuna closer machine
This is the last tuna processing machine that is used on the canned tuna production line. This machine is sync with the previous tuna oil/brine machine so they will be able to work together at simultaneous time. This machine will release steam to the top part of the canned tuna to remove the air that is left in the headspace after the previous process. Then it will seal the canned tuna closed to complete the entire tuna production procedure. However, some oil/brine machine also have tuna closer machine intact so they do not need separated machine anymore.
Those are the main tuna processing machine which often used by the factory to create high quality canned tuna.


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