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Cooking with Tuna Scrap as Creative Ingredient for Many Dishes

If you love to eat tuna, then you will get several tuna scrap in the cooking process of the tuna dish you create. This scrap of the tuna is actually the meat which left behind when you fillet a tuna from its bone. The meats that still attached on the tuna bones can be considered as the tuna. You can actually take them and scrap it with spoon from the bones. If you are diligent enough, you might get quite a lot of scrap from the tuna’s bones. You should know that the meat which attached on the bones of a tuna is actually taste wonderful.

Dishes that You can Make using Tuna Scrap
You can actually consider tuna scrap as a meat from the bone like T-bone on a steak. And actually the taste itself is as delicious as T-bone steak which you always eat at a fancy restaurant. The bones actually make the meat scrap from tuna taste very flavorful and delicious. So you should not take this meat for granted, since the taste might be better from the loin you get after cutting the fillet off its bone. So even if this meat is not a part of the fillet that you have just taken from the bone, it does not mean that this scrap tuna meat is worse than the fillet.
Furthermore this tuna scrap is actually very useful in Japanese restaurant. The chef in Japanese restaurant usually purchases whole round tuna as a raw material which they use as ingredient on their Japanese restaurant. As you know Japanese restaurant serve their tuna raw in sushi or sashimi, thus they will get their raw material as fresh as possible. They will even cut the loin straight from the tuna fish themselves. Thus they will have a lot of bones left from the making process of this ingredient. On that bones there are a lot of meat attached, which is very delicious so it actually can still be use to cook other things.
That is why the chef will actually get the tuna scrap directly from the bones using spoon or knives. This meat will then be use as ingredient of other dishes that need to use tuna ground meat. You might sometimes see this ingredient on top of rice which you order on Japanese restaurant. Some sushi rolls might also be made using this ingredient since they do not need to use tuna fillet as ingredient. And the taste is great especially when the tuna fish itself has high quality meat thus the scrap meat from the tuna’s bone will also have high quality.
The scrap quality that is taken from the bone itself will highly depend on the quality of the tuna meat from which the scrap is taken from. The way the chef handle and prepare the tuna meat will also affect the quality of the meat scrap which can be taken from the bones. Thus if you get this product from a Japanese restaurant which serve high quality tuna meat then you should not have to worry since the scrap which taken from the tuna bones will also has high quality.
But what you should do when you have this tuna scrap at home after you take the loins from the tuna fish? Actually there are a lot of things that you can do using this scrap of tuna bones as the ingredient. You can even treat it the same way you treat ground tuna although you might need to mince or ground it a little bit more to have the same consistency as ground tuna. Of course you do not need to use it raw as the chef on the Japanese restaurant would since raw food is what they make in those restaurants. Instead you may cook it as you normally would with your tuna fillet or steak that you make using tuna ingredient.
You can also use it as ingredient for tuna pasta or tuna salad after cooking it beforehand. If you want to be more creative, then you can make tuna patty by mixing the scrap which you taken from the tuna bones with bread crumbs then you can make a delicious hamburger using that patty. Just be creative since tuna scrap can be use to make many dishes.


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