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Is Skipjack Tuna Good to Eat? Here is the Answer

If you wonder is skipjack tuna good to eat then it depends on personal taste because different person will have different taste. However, skipjack tuna is one of the most famous tuna products that sold heavily. Skipjack tuna is known well in both Japan and Hawaii, in Hawaii they are known as ‘Aku’ and they are sold locally as favorite dish just like skipjack tuna in Japan which can be used as important sushi ingredient. Skipjack is exported and imported globally in markets; they are very good to be eaten and have a nice taste plus texture.
Is skipjack tuna good to eat and safe for your body?
In fact, what we call tuna is actually several different fishes including skipjack tuna. Aside skipjack tuna fish, there are Albacore tuna, yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, tongol, and many more. During harvest, skipjack tuna is often being caught together with yellowfin tuna and big eye tuna since they like to make a large school together and do not being separated even when they are already packaged in cans. That’s why when you buying canned skipjack tuna, although the label clearly saying it is skipjack tuna but when you open the can, it is possible that the skipjack fish mixed with other types of tuna like yellowfin or bigeye. But it will hard to tell the different.
Albacore tuna vs skipjack tuna
Both albacore and skipjack tuna are two of most common canned tuna product that available widely in markets along with yellowfin tuna. Is skipjack tuna good to eat compared with albacore tuna? Well, if you talking about the mercury level then yes. Albacore tuna fish which is known as white chunk of tuna usually have bigger size than skipjack tuna (also known as light tuna or light chunk of tuna). This is why albacore tuna contain more mercury level than skipjack tuna because they are accumulate more methyl mercury as predatory fish.
Albacore tuna might have better taste and texture with lot of nutrition intake including protein and omega 3 fatty acids, however you need to think twice about the mercury level that they are offering as well. It is does not mean you can only eat skipjack tuna. You better make limitation when consume albacore tuna and replace them often with skipjack tuna is better. You can eat white tuna once in awhile. The good suggestion is you should check the type of the tuna before you buying canned tuna fish product because they are affected the healthier choice of yours.
Good quality of skipjack tuna meats
Good quality of skipjack tuna meats has a deep red color with smaller size of fish lighter in color. In many traditional dishes, skipjack tuna is preferred, for example tataki (Japanese-style seared fish) and poke (Hawaiian-style raw fish). Skipjack tuna is a great meat which rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids as well as other minerals and vitamins. They are very healthy for dietary menu plan, they also low in saturated fats plus sodium compared with larger fish such as albacore tuna. Skipjack tuna contain vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, potassium, selenium, iodine, and phosphorus.
 Skipjack tuna is good source for magnesium too, but the most important nutrition is the natural omega 3 fatty acids which contain EPA and DHA. This is a essential nutrition which can improve brain function and support cardiovascular health while lower the risk of heart disease. Omega 3 fatty acids cannot be produced by human body and thus it is important to eat omega 3 source for our body intake. It is even recommended that you need to eat 2 or 3 servings of omega 3 sea food sources per week with moderate amount.
Is skipjack tuna good to eat? In conclusion, skipjack tuna is fine to be eaten, it is an excellence source of many nutrition and they are lighter meat which lower in mercury level. However, pregnant or nursing women as well as young children need to avoid or limit their consumption because they are more sensitive with mercury content. Skipjack are available with oils (sunflower, olive oil, soybean oil, and vegetable oil), water, brine, and organic herbs or sauces. They are great to be eaten alone or you can make a dish from the tuna tin fish such as tuna salad or sandwiches.


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