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How to Cook Tuna Head Recipe Easily? Try This!

Tuna head can be cooked easily if you know the right steps to do. Of course processing the tuna fish head at home can be challenging, however it is worth to try and the end result will be satisfying. Today we would like to give several tips about tuna head recipe and how to cook it with the proper ways. We know that there are not a lot of places like restaurants which offer a great tuna fish head unless if you are living in Japan, that’s why doing it on your own at home can be tried and it is really nice treat for your family as well.
How to cook a tuna head step by step at home
Before you follow these steps below, you need to prepare one giant tuna head Indonesia for the first step. Make sure that you buy a fresh/ raw tuna fish head in great condition. You may want to find a tuna fish head right from fishermen which going to take a time while second option is to order frozen tuna head Indonesia or get it at some grocery store and this is the easier way you can get a tuna fish head if you live far enough from fishermen market area. In several places even countries, finding a tuna head is really difficult, not to mention it is also pricey, however with little luck you may find the right one. Next, you need to prepare a large oven to cook it and of course follow the order of our directions bellow such as:
1.      Prepare to cook the sauce, pay attention that the tuna fish recipe below is a recipe taken from Japanese man because, again, in Japan, tuna meals are very popular than in Indonesia. To make the sauce, you need to get ready these ingredients:
-          3 cups of water
-          4 minced garlic cloves
-          6 cups of soy sauce
-          2 cups of mirin (note: it is a type of rice wine, a bit similar to sake or in other words it is a type of condiment which often used in Japanese cuisine. It has high sugar content with low alcohol content. You may find it in Asian grocery)
-          2 cups of brown sugar
After you preparing the essential ingredients, take a large sauce pan and then simmer the sauce until reduced by one third. You need to save some of the sauce for later when the tuna head is done for extra finishing touch.
2.      Put the fish in a large enough pot with the head pointing up and then follow this instructions to erase or at least reduce the fish smell:
-          Pour boiled water over the tuna fish head; you may need to pour the water in both outside and inside of its head.
-          If the tuna fish head isn’t fresh, sprinkle salt over it before you pour the boiled water and let is sit for few minutes. After that rinse the salt with water and pour the boiled water afterward.
-          After the fish get some boiled water, quickly place it in cold water in order to tighten the meat.
Above steps to remove fish smell is meant for small size tuna head product, but larger size might work as well.
3.      Boil ½ prepared sauce before plus ½ water with a pot, insert the fish head and steam it for half an hour. After done, remove its head from the pot.
4.      Wrap the top of the head with aluminum foil before you put into prepared oven. Please be careful when you wrap the top part of the head because the meat is weaker than before it was still fresh, so if you do not want the tuna fish head end up on the floor, you need to be careful when transferring the tuna into aluminum foil.
5.      Set the oven to 350 degrees, baste the head with the remaining sauce and baked it for half an hour or until the meat is browned.
Your tuna head meal is done and ready to dig, you may want to try the eyeballs first because that’s the most delicious part as well as the cheeks and the collar. If you have another recipe for such tuna meat, then we are glad to hear more from you. Hope the instructions and recipe above very helpful.


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