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Different Types of Tuna Jakarta and How to Use It

Tuna Jakarta has many different types to be offered in the market from skipjack tuna to yellowfin tuna and so on while the flesh also ranging from dark red to lighter color. Tuna contains nutrition that considered being good for body health because from its meats you can get high quality protein, vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acids that can lower the risk of various illness including cardiovascular disease. Below is some information regarding important notes that you need to know about Tuna fish Jakarta, Indonesia.
Variety of tuna Jakarta that popular to be sold in markets
Indonesia is one of the largest tuna industries worldwide which produce tuna in different kind of products such as canned fish, steak, fillet, frozen, and many more. Pick up a tuna either to be cooked alone or to be mixed with various dishes need information about what kind of tuna that frequently to be sold at markets. Below are several types of tuna that tend to be offered in fish markets or groceries stores:
1.      Yellowfin tuna
This type of tuna also known well as ‘Ahi’ tuna and the price is cheaper than bluefin tuna fish. Indonesia likes to distribute and exported this kind of tuna fish as well and you can found yellowfin tuna easily in either at fish market or grocery stores. Yellowfin tuna is one of the best canned tuna Jakarta fish products with pink pale color and a flavor stronger than Albacore. Yellowfin tuna is tropical fish which love to swim around warm waters and often get mixed with skipjack and bigeye tunas.
2.      Bluefin tuna
Compared with yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna is more expensive and has more fat than the other types of tuna. The higher amount of fat makes the flavor even stronger. When the meats are mature, the flesh has dark red color with appearance almost similar to raw beef. Bluefin tuna is the largest variety of tuna that can grow to about 1,600 pounds. This fish is very popular to be exported in Japan as sashimi ingredient.
3.      Albacore tuna
Albacore tuna can be found easily in America and it is a famous type of tuna to be sold as canned fish. Albacore tuna has mildest flavor and lightest flesh and when packaged in cans; it often labeled as white tuna with higher price than chunk light tuna or skipjack tuna. However, since the methyl mercury content of Albacore tuna are found to be very high which is nearly three times as high as  chunk light tuna, many people recommended to not consume it or make limitation to eat it while choose other safer variety of tunas that have lower level of mercury.
4.      Skipjack tuna
This tuna also known as chunk light tuna when distributed as canned fish. Skipjack tuna Jakarta is another tropical fish that like to swim in a large school and often can be seen near ocean surface. Skip jack has the strongest and highest flavor plus fat content making it very popular among canned tuna products line. Skipjack is smallest variety of tuna compared with other tunas and it can be caught in many areas such as Atlantic, Pacific, etc.
Various ways to use tuna Jakarta products
There are a lot of ways to use tuna Jakarta products from the simplest way like mix it with salad and tomato sauce or in a sandwich plus mayonnaise and pickles. However there are other ways to use this favorite seafood if you bored with those usual dishes, such as:
-          Pasta salad, you can in fact use either tuna fish meat or chicken
-          Tuna burgers or croquettes which are very tasty
-          Avocado and tuna salad sandwich
-          Curry macaroni and cheese with canned tuna Jakarta meats
-          Tuna casserole, etc.
There are many recipes that worth it to be tried using tuna meats as the main ingredients. You can also either grilled it or cook it to try another way of using tuna. If you have some secret recipes and use tuna meat fish as delicious ingredients in your favorite meals then let’s sharing it to us. Tuna Jakarta is very popular across countries because the high quality appearance and texture so you can enjoy to cook it.


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