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About Skipjack Tuna Fish Biology and Habitat

Skipjack tuna fish is widely known as light tuna or chunk light tuna for canned fish product. They often be caught to be sold to fish factory and the manufacturers will process them as canned skipjack tuna with delicious taste. Some of skipjack tuna meats have been sold in frozen state, raw state, and the most popular one is canned product because not all people can manage to get fresh high quality skipjack tuna meat. Most of skip jack tuna fish do not have scales on their majority of their body and unlike other tuna types; skip jack cannot control their own body temperature because they have been considered as cold blooded type of fish.
Biology and the habitat of skipjack tuna fish
Skipjack body can grow more than 4 feet or over one meter in length and they can weight more than 70 pounds for skip jack tuna which live in the Pacific Ocean while Atlantic skipjack can grow up to 3 feet or about one meter in length and can weight around 40 pounds. Compared to the other tropical tunas, they have short life span about 7 to 12 years old. Majority of the skipjack tuna fish body have this lateral and corselet line from their head and across their body as a marker.
Female skipjack depending on their size can produce eggs from 100,000 to 2 million eggs at a time. The procedures are these: Female skipjack tuna will reproduce through the broadcast spawning; the tuna sperm and the eggs are released into ocean waters at once in the same time. And after fertilization those eggs will be hatched.
Just like other types of tuna, skipjack tuna is an opportunities predator which prey various species of fish such as mollusks, cephalopods, crustaceans, and the other tuna as well. While larger size of fish likes sharks, billfish, and large tuna eat skipjack tuna fish.
Skipjack tuna can be found across ocean in all around the world like subtropical and tropical temperature waters. There are 6 different populations or habitats of skip jack tuna such as:
-          Eastern Pacific
-          Central Pacific
-          Western Pacific
-          Western Pacific
-          Eastern Atlantic
-          Indian Ocean
Skipjack like to swim around in an open ocean by making a large group because they are a fish pelagic type and usually can be seen swim on the surface to depths to 260 meters or 850 feet. Throughout the day they will appear near the ocean surface while at night they tend to hide themselves in order to not be seen. Just like other tunas in need to reproduce and find food sources, skipjack will highly migrate from one area to another area in large-scale migrations. Both yellowfin and bigeye tuna are often found to join this large scale of migrations as well. And that’s why some canned skipjack tuna fish may be mixed with yellowfin and bigeye tuna because they are not separated during harvest.
Skip jack are the smallest and the most abundant type of tuna and fish industry like to process them as canned fish product with label of light tuna fish or chunk light tuna. Due to the high demand of skipjack tuna and overfishing problem, it has been reported that the population of skipjack tuna somehow become more and lower than before which become a threat. This issue apparently applied for yellowfin and bigeye tuna as well.
Skipjack tuna like to be caught alive because they will make a great lure or bait for the other fish during fishing sport. They can be used for wide variety of fish like sharks, larger tuna, and marlin. Skipjack tuna fish meat is very oily and bloody and thus makes it a good bait to catch larger fish and not to mention some people considered the texture to be good to be eaten.
Skip jack tuna offers a lot of nutrition as well including protein, calcium, minerals, vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acids. Although its sodium considered to be high so people need to limit themselves when consume canned tuna fish meat per week especially if for children and pregnant women who more sensitive. That’s several information regarding skipjack tuna fish and hope it will be useful to learn about skipjack tuna before catch or eating them


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